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"Bindiya in India is a welcome addition to the landscape of South Asian stories geared for children.  Representation truly does matter and it is a necessity for every kid to see more of themselves in the literary world. Also, I am South Asian myself and I cherish my upbringing!! I want to share it with anyone and everyone.  This book genuinely reminds me of going to my first Indian wedding.  I've been to many and I feel like Indian weddings encapsulate so many of the traditions that make the culture beautifully unique. What better way to learn about Indian adventures than through the eyes of our new cool friend Bindiya.  That being said, this book is universal in theme and will appeal to everyone, regardless of their background.  Meaning, it is not only for Indians.  It is the kind of book that will help bridge the gap, and it's about time we all walk over that bridge together. I'm grateful to this author because I think the more people share, the more others will care.  I'm glad this story was shared. I highly recommend it. If you care. :)"  

Sonal Shah, former actress on Scrubs and now a voice on Disney's Mira The Royal Detective

"Bindiya in India makes me nostalgic for family shaadis and masti with my own cousins! The lyrical text and vintage feel make it a story to revisit night after night." 

Raakhee Mirchandani, author of Super Satya Saves the Day

"Bindiya in India is a delightful book in verse for the young wanderlust and a succinct introduction to North Indian, Hindu,Hindi-speaking cultural and language traditions. Immigrant children with family in far-flung places will appreciate this festive story!"

Pooja Makhijani, author of Mamas Sari and editor of Under Her Skin

This book is full of cadences. The rhymes light up its many picture book joys. The story is about young Bindiya who visits India to attend a wedding. The scene is a familiar one and has been portrayed in picture books many times but something about this book feels refreshing and enjoyable. We love the scenes from the wedding, the holiday in India, the sights and sounds of the country, the people, the cousins, and the entire parivaar.We also love how the author intersperses this book with Hindi words but they strike such a perfect note that it appears as if the English and Hindi words only make perfect sense when together! What's not to love? 

Toka Box
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